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Teams Facilitation

Here is a quick team building activity for you and your team. Do this first on your own and then invite your team to do it as small groups of 2-5 people.

TaskPlace these 7 team building stages in sequential order. A tip- 4 are input (creating) stages and 3 are output (sustaining) stages.

• Renewal - why continue?
• Orientation-why am I a member of the team?
• High Performance- Wow
• Implementation-who does what, when and where,?
• Goal Role Clarity- what are we doing?
• Trust Building - who are you?
• Commitment-how will we do it?

Task: Now get your teams to see if they can put these team building stages in a sequence.

What was their result and was it different from yours? 

Which stages are neglected in your team and why?

What stage are your team spending most of their time in?

"Strategy and Teams" will facilitate Team Building Workshops and Retreats to address these issues. We will provide a complete range of services, from facilitation through capacity building, communication design and high end graphic tools (Team Performance System of Drexler/Sibbet)


Task: If you were to draw a picture of your team-what would it look like now? What do you want the team image, reputation and  brand to look like in a year from now?

"One of the things I liked the most about this course was the fact that it was focused. Rather than skimming through too many concepts theoretically and ending up mastering none, this course selected a main theme a made us practice and practice and practice. This for me was quite beneficial, for one would think he understands the concepts, until he tries to apply them; then reality strikes. The course made me identify a major drawback with some of my coaching approaches which I was totally not at all aware of. But now I know what I should be doing. Thank you Strategy & Teams for helping me know myself better." - Ali A. Al-Hammadi - Maintenance Support Team Leader, ADMA