We are “Strategy and Teams” a world class facilitation company. We do company Strategy, roll it out to the teams, align leadership to drive the teams to live their strategy and we create culture.

Our most popular workshops: Change Management, Performance Management, Leadership, Customer Experience and Strategy & Team Alignment.

At “Strategy and Teams” we use internationally recognised, highly customisable tools and processes to generate dialogue, create alignment, articulate a vision and catalyse action.

We will help your team to see the big picture and move towards its desired future using our skills, creativity and high impact graphic tools.

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In Person Delegates Since 2012
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Virtual Delegates Since April 2020

We run VALUES and CULTURE programs.

Our Leadership Book will be out end of Q4 2022

Our Leadership App will be out end of Q4 2022

Workshops In Person and Virtual
Facilitated in English & Arabic

Virtual Facilitated Workshops

In Person Facilitated Workshops

Review Of Major Projects 2021

Organisational Wide Culture Implementation

Organisational Wide Values Rollout

Embedded a Customer Service Culture

Organisational Wide Performance Management

20+ Strategy Retreats

Company Wide Empowerment and Accountability

Our Team at NEOM

“Strategy and Teams” has been working with clients to develop facilitated virtual programs that will realign teams, reenergize, and reconnect them to the business, the new reality – and to each other.

Our workshops can be delivered both in person and virtual. Facilitated in both English & Arabic.

We tailor the workshop to meet your expected outcomes. Its very interactive and engaging with fun virtual games.

We have a range of games to offer based on coaching, culture, leadership, values and more.


We can help facilitate Strategic Workshops, so you can ensure that the “story” you are all telling is aligned and practical with a plan.

Team Building

How can we set up each other for success?

Customer Service

Products are nothing without service


Can you tell me your company’s top 5 bold steps that you will be focusing on the next 12 months?





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