Are you looking for a creative way to keep everyone engaged during your meeting?

A way to make complex ideas clear and eliminate confusion.

Use the power of visual language for group collaboration. Digital or on a Graphic Wall.

Extremely useful

Graphic recording is extremely powerful for:

  • Brainstorming
  • Strategic visioning & road map
  • Project planning
  • Team building
  • Focus groups

Turns information into understanding

A graphic recorder is a vital partner to the facilitator of the meeting.

The benefits of graphic recording:

  1. Graphic recording supports the facilitator by making ideas visible so the group can get on the same page.
  2. The graphic recorder listens to the conversation during report outs, brainstorming, focus groups and other group discussions. Participants can actually see their input being captured and visualized with illustrations and text.
  3. Ideas are clarified and visible to everyone in the room.
  4. Graphic recording creates a “visual memory” for attendees and it can increase retention up to 60%.
  5. It’s easy for participants and attendees to get distracted, for example after lunch or by using their phones. Having a graphic recorder gives participants a way to bring their attention back to the discussion, catch up and stay focused. It’s also great to inform people who did not attend the meeting or conference.
  6. As soon as participants enter the room, they realize this is no ordinary meeting or conference. Big paper or big screen means BIG ideas. Graphic recording sets the stage for conversation and creativity.

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