Team: the key to success

Here is a quick team building activity for you and your team.

Task: Place these 7 team building stages in sequential order. A tip- 4 are input (creating) stages and 3 are output (sustaining) stages.

  • High Performance – WOW!
  • Orientation – Why am i here?
  • Commitment – How will we do it?
  • Trust Building – Who are you?
  • Renewal – Why continue?
  • Implementation – Who does what, when where?
  • Goal Clarification – What are we doing?
  • Which stages are neglected in your team and why?
  • What stage are your team spending most of their time in?

“Strategy and Teams” will facilitate Team Building Workshops and Retreats to address these issues. We will provide a complete range of services, from facilitation through capacity building, communication design and high end graphic tools.

(Team Performance System of Drexler/Sibbet)

Is your team engaged?

Using the ladder on the right, place the names or (percentages) of your team members.

  • How many are on the bottom of the ladder? (not engaged)
  • Why are they on the bottom? (not engaged)
  • How will you move them up the ladder? (engaged)
  • Whats the cost to your business to have your team disengaged? (at the bottom of the ladder)
“Strategy and Teams” will help you practically diagnosed the real problems and successes in your team and help you with actions to ensure your organisation is engaged and profitable.

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Strategy and Teams Mantra | "If you can't measure - You can't manage it"



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