The Marshmallow challenge: serious fun

Fun and instructive, The Marshmallow Challenge is a design exercise that stresses
simplicity but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity.

serious challenge

The task is simple: in eighteen minutes, teams must build the tallest free-standing structure with the construction material that is given to them.

As a crown, the marshmallow needs to be on top of the structure! Encourage your team to part take in the challenge and be bench marked to other teams globally.

Team Scores

  • 01st - SABIC with a score of 40.5 inches
  • 02nd - Daman Future Champions with a score of 36.1 inches
  • 03rd - ADNOC GiTi and Jebal Ali School with a score of 35.2 inches
  • 04th - Burj Al Hamam and KSA Ministry of Health, KSA with a score of 34 inches
  • 05th - GASCO Habshan with a score of 33.6 inches
  • 06th - PEPSICO with a score of 33.2 inches
  • 07th - BUPA with a score of 32.4 inches
  • 08th - Sabb SMDP 4 / DMG Events with a score of 31.6 inches
  • 09th - Clorox with a score of 31.1 inches
  • 10th - Savola with a score of 29.3 inches
  • 11th - Basamh with a score of 28.4 inches
  • 12th - Petromin with a score of 28.3 inches
  • 13th - Kuwait Airways with a score of 27.9 inches
  • 14th - BP with a score of 27.5 inches
  • 15th - ATCO with a score of 27.4 inches
  • 16th - Total with a score of 27 inches
  • 17th - Al Nahdi with a score of 26.9 inches
  • 18th - Panda / Supreme Foods Group with a score of 26.4 inches
  • 19th - Uniliver Procurement (CCM) with a score of 26 inches
  • 20th - Unilever Central Africa with a score of 21.5 inches
  • 21st - Korn Ferry International with a score of 21.2 inches
  • 22nd - EWS - WWF (Emirates Wildlife Society) with a score of 20.4 inches
  • 23rd - Savola Supply Chain with a score of 20 inches
  • 24th - Petromin with a score of 18.9 inches
  • 25th - BUPA Arabia Operations with a score of 14.3 inches

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