• Mark Allan

    Managing Director, Founder and Master Facilitator

    Mark has over 18 years’ experience with Consulting, Training & Development and Facilitation having key expertise in designing and delivering comprehensive projects related to:
    • Performance Management
    • Leadership Development
    • Motivational Talks- business focused and not fluffy.
    • Organization Strategic Alignment (everyone should know what the top 5 strategic drivers are. If they don’t, what are they working on?)
    • Organizational rollouts of strategy messages
    • Culture Creation and Implementation
    • Strategic Visioning
    • Performance management
    • Coaching Courses
    • Team Success Strategies
    • Customer Service
    Mark has gained key expertise in the area of visual facilitation and understands how to get the best from Teams and permeate this to a living strategy and Culture throughout the organization. He specializes in getting the most out of executive teams and makes everything useful and practical. As a Director and Performance Consultant in the Middle East since 1998 Mark has diagnosed, designed, delivered and developed organization’s in UAE, KSA, South Africa, Kenya, UK, France, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, Central Africa, and Egypt.
    His mantra is “if you can’t measure it, how can you manage it or lead it?”
  • Haydon Frazer

    Director - Saudi Arabia and Master Facilitator

    Haydon Frazer is a Leadership and Coaching consultant based in Limassol Cyprus.
    Haydon is certified in Emotional Intelligence testing, is a certified by the British Psychological Society as a Psychometric tester (Level A and B) and is a Business Coaching Specialist. In addition, he holds an Executive Diploma in Management from the Chartered Management Institute, UK.
    Having run a successful adventure company in Europe, Haydon moved to the UAE where he set up and delivered experiential teamwork, leadership competency programs and adventure training programs.
    Haydon travels across the EMEA region and has successfully run programs in Performance Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Culture Change for a variety of companies including NEOM, SABB, Petromin and BUPA.
    Specialist in the fields of:
      • Performance Management
      • Strategic Visioning
      • Strategy implementation
      • Team success strategies
      • Conference facilitation
      • Leadership and coaching for performance and potential
  • Ian Macdermott

    Director and Master Facilitator

    Ian Macdermott is a Director with Strategy and Teams. Ian Brings 15 years of experience working with senior management teams and high potential employees from public and private institutions across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Ian’s approach involves generating a genuine insight into the organization’s culture and values, understanding it’s needs and aspirations and developing practical solutions that enable measurable results. He specializes in:
    • Leadership and Management Development
    • Manager Assessment and feedback
    • Interview and Selection Skills
    • Sales and Service
    • Team Effectiveness
    • Conference Facilitation
    As the former Managing Director of an HR and Assessment consultancy, Ian applies real world experience and examples of leading and managing teams into his facilitation.
  • Clementine Collins

    Master Facilitator

    Clementine Collins is an experienced trainer working throughout the Middle East.
    Clementine started in the training field in the early 2000’s when she became involved in teaching outdoor pursuits to corporate groups in the U.A.E.
    Since 2003 Clementine has worked extensively across the Middle East. Clem delivered a wide variety of soft skills training programs.
    With Strategy and Teams Clem helps to design, develop, and implement training programs in communication, work-life balance, negotiation, change management, team alignment, coaching and train-the-trainer.
  • Maya Taylor


    Maya Taylor is a English and Arabic trainer and facilitator working for Strategy and Teams.
    She has just finished training primary care employees throughout Saudi Arabia to prepare them for privatization as part of Saudi’s 2030 vision.
    She has helped fine tune and deliver the program, called Nartaqi, to over 2,000 Ministry of Health employees across Saudi Arabia.
    Specialist in the fields of:
    • Performance management
    • Change management
    • Coaching Courses
    • Customer Service
    • Leadership workshops
  • Henk Wijnands

    Graphic Recorder

    After a successful career as a board member of internationally operating companies in several industries, Henk Wijnands obtained a master in Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation.
    Today he helps companies to optimize their way of functioning and communicating by combining the right and left side of the brain. His secret weapon is the pen. Companies that use his advice and drawings become creative problem solvers and expansive connectors of generative ideas and new possibilities.
  • Craig Shenton

    Music Facilitator

    CraigShenton is a professional Musician withover 15 years experience in the music industry.
    As a professional drummer,Craig has worked with a number of key players in the industry and performed at a number of world famous venues including “The Marquee Club” and “The 606 Club”.
    With his combined experience of performing and composing music, he is able to apply these skills to create an energetic, fun and productive workshop.
    He is “Strategy and Teams” lead Music Facilitator.
    Craig has gained key expertise in the area of Implementing Music into successful facilitation and understands how to get the best from Teams.
  • Suren L

    The Media Guy

    Suren is a Media Guy at Strategy and Teams. He heads the Voting System Rental service as well as supports in the Strategy, Team building and Training workshops.
    He is well experienced in:
    • Business Development
    • Digital Marketing Consulting
    • Project Management
    • Events / Conference Management
    • Customer / Client Service
    • Administration / Operations
  • Asser Ahmed


    Asser is a friendly outgoing team player with excellent networking and communication skills who can remain calm and focused under pressure and motivate others.
    His years in the aviation industry has taught him the importance of planning and preparation and how to manage when the “unplanned” happens.
    He is a English/Arabic facilitator and working across in UAE and Saudi Arabia.



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