Haydon Frazer

Director - Saudi Arabia and Master Facilitator

Haydon Frazer is a Leadership and Coaching consultant based in Limassol Cyprus.

Haydon is certified in Emotional Intelligence testing, is a certified by the British Psychological Society as a Psychometric tester (Level A and B) and is a Business Coaching Specialist. In addition, he holds an Executive Diploma in Management from the Chartered Management Institute, UK.

Having run a successful adventure company in Europe, Haydon moved to the UAE where he set up and delivered experiential teamwork, leadership competency programs and adventure training programs.

Haydon travels across the EMEA region and has successfully run programs in Performance Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Culture Change for a variety of companies including SABB, Petromin and BUPA.
Specialist in the fields of:

  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Strategy implementation
  • Team success strategies
  • Conference facilitation
  • Leadership and coaching for performance and potential



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