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"Serious FUN" Virtual facilitated workshops

Strategy and Teams have been working with clients to develop facilitated online programs that will realign teams, reenergize them, and reconnect them to the business, the new reality – and to each other.

The workshops can be done in both English & Arabic.

The workshops are facilitated using online platforms and is very interactive and engaging with fun online games.

We have a range of games to offer such as online coaching game, online culture game, online leadership game, online values game and so on.

Over 2500 delegates on virtual facilitated workshops with 98% approval rating.

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Delegates Since April 2020

The Pegasus Project. 

A virtual Escape Room Game for 2-6 Players per team. Your team is tasked to find out what happened to agent Spike and to uncover the secrets at Spider Technologies.

Takes around 90 to 120 minutes to complete.

Explore a 3d building, decipher codes, and there are cats! Super enhanced cybernetic cats.


Facilitated online workshops

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