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Selling in a Hyper-Connected Age

An extremely dynamic and interactive deep dive into the core traits of great sales technique which can be mastered by anyone. 

This two-day program boils it down to the core essentials and will change the way you sell.

Influencing Customer Perceptions

Learning to see the world through the eyes of the customer will unlock value that has so far stayed hidden within the organization.

Utilizing proven methods and tools the participants will identify opportunities and methods to change their customers’ perception of the organization.

Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Networks

What is EQ? How do we use it in reality and in a practical sense to get results through people? 

This program will help the participants apply the principles of Emotional Intelligence in situations where it counts – in developing relationships with customers, staff, colleagues and managers.

Customer Experience Design – Creating Great Moments

What if we could design ‘great moments’ for our customers throughout their experience of using our products and services. The truth is that every interaction with a customer gives us this opportunity and using the right tools we can build insight that leads to bottom line impact. 

This program shows you how.

Driving Innovation and Change -The Change Activation Toolkit

Organizations are now in a state of constant flux. How can we therefore build resilient teams who do not become stressed by change – but who look for opportunities to disrupt the market and capture value for themselves and the company. 

This practical program gives you the tools to do just that!

Collaboration and Networking in Action

Collaboration is more than being ‘close’ to others. It requires generating insight to the core needs and wants of the groups and individuals around us – and finding ways to consistently appeal to these needs -consistently adding value to our network. 

The science shows that this leads to sustainable partnerships based on trust – and reciprocity in business.

Strategy in Action – Building a Truly ‘Different’ Business

Strategy is a word synonymous with senior leadership. However, all staff can quickly understand and use strategy with the application of best practices tools and conversation filters. 

This highly practical program shows participants how to craft strategy and ensure that their organization is truly ‘Different’.

Business Modelling in Action – Building an Indestructible Company

Business planning is slowly starting to die out – as organizations realize that their core skill is to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics and new opportunities. 

The key is in designing agile and lean business models that can constantly and quickly tweaked and changed for maximum returns.

Empowering Managers to Take Ownership of Employee Engagement

Engagement used to be the responsibility of ‘HR’ departments – but true employee engagement comes from their immediate manager. 

This program shows leaders how to tap into staff motivators and connect them to the organizational purpose for maximum sustainable engagement.

Fostering an Effective Feedback Environment – Having Courageous Conversations that Count

Feedback is cited as one of the most feared responsibilities of leaders – and indeed feedback is usually done badly. 

Therefore, this highly practical 2 days session looks at how to have courageous conversation with staff and deliver feedback in a way that leads to actual behavior change on the job.

Influencing Organizational Stakeholders

In an increasing complex web or organizational design, staff must prioritize their stakeholders needs and make sure they approach their relationships in a way that is strategic. 

This 2-day exploration looks at what stakeholder management actually is and ow they can leverage their time for maximum impact.

Crafting your Personal Leadership Brand

As leaders, we often know what we are doing and have a plan for HOW we will do it – but very rarely are managers able to articulate their ‘WHY’. 

This program looks at how you would like others to see you, what legacy you would like to leave and to explore ‘why’ you do what you do.

Leveraging Team Dynamics – Creating Teams with an Edge

What is the nature of a high performing team? Is there a magic formula that can be applied to teamwork and team processes? 

This 2-day exploration looks at how a high performing team can come together and leverage individual resources for an organization – wide impact.

Corporate Story Telling and Messaging – Building the Legend

In a digital age, attention is a commodity that is fought for. Do employees understand the brand? Can leaders tell the story of the organization and the department and attain by in from their people? 

What are the stories that uniquely represent your organization and how can leaders become storytellers?


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