Learning from lockdown


Having adapted to the challenges of life in lockdown, a new question arises. How do we move forward? And what will the new normal look like? Social isolation and remote working have forced us out of our comfort zones; and with this comes an opportunity to learn and grow. You may simply be looking forward to switching back to your default setting, but Covid-19 has provided a pivotal moment to reflect and upgrade the way we live and work.

Leadership teams around the globe are looking at how the pandemic impacts company strategy. Now is the perfect time for teams and individuals to do the same.


A 1-hour facilitated online team meeting to discuss the impacts of lockdown, both positive and negative, and the lessons learnt. The specifics of each workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of each team, but examples of discussion questions include:

– How has the team dynamic changed in the last 2 months?
– As a team, have you been more effective and productive or less effective and productive? In what ways?
– As you move out of lockdown what behavioural changes do you want to make in the way you work?
– What process and procedural changes do you recommend for the team going forward?

All on-line sessions are fully interactive with the support of Zoom technology and Mentimetre voting software.

Participant numbers are limited to a maximum of 15 for each meeting to ensure full participation.

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